Testing my thesis apps in a local primary school

After the first version of the apps is done it was time to test them with kids and see if they like them. I visited a primary school here in Skopje and had a chance to test them in 3 different classes. Total 75 kids tested the apps. The interesting fact was that 34 out of 75 kids (or their parents) had smartphones but only 7 of them had game consoles at home.

It is obvious that the second application is not motivating too much physical activity but this was due to the limited space we had in the classroom since now they have PC for every child in primary schools and tables couldn’t be moved around. But we were invited by the gym teacher to join them on a gym lesson next time.


Mobile phone applications for motivating physical activity

Since I am getting close to the end of my master thesis project named “Mobile phone applications for motivating physical activity” I decided to name my first post the same.  I am doing my last project in this area because of my childish nature and the fact that parents are neglecting their children’s physical activity. So I decided to make applications that could be used on one more device and maybe influence a bit on their behavior.

I have spent the last couple of months going through the solutions offered to the public that motivate physical activities and I am very happy that there is a lot of interest for them.  Game consoles like Sony Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Kinect and even the good old Dance pad are projects that I really appreciate. So I started with the idea of making the phone a game controller for a game that can generally be played while sitting in front of a PC, then tried to make the phone the only device needed for the kids to play and at the end made an app that has user interface where kids/parents/players can make their own games.

I will try to describe each one of them in the future posts and give just a sneak preview in the first one in this.

Here is a youtube video showing the first presentation of one of the apps.