Browsing SAP workplace messages via Android phone

If I want to claim that I am an SAP enthusiast I have to prove that somehow…

The video below is a demo app that I submitted at the SAP TECHED 2010 contest. It is really more of a test on the capabilities that some tools offer like the good and old SAP .NET connector ( I’d prefer using the SAP Java connector but this was what I had at the moment of making the app) and the lightweight SOAP library for Android phones – ksoap-2. I got 2-in-1 with this app- learned a lot about connecting SAP with external systems and started my Android development journey.

Hopefully I’ll make something more useful for this year’s SAP TECHED.  🙂

What the app does and how it does it is done in the video. It is subtitled because I had some difficulties with the sound.

It is a bit slow but if you are patient enough you’ll see the steps needed to get it done. I might add some parts of the code in future posts or if you really need it mail me and I’ll send it to you.

Since there was a lot of SAP wisdom in this post I am free for a whole week 🙂


Mobile phone applications for motivating physical activity

Since I am getting close to the end of my master thesis project named “Mobile phone applications for motivating physical activity” I decided to name my first post the same.  I am doing my last project in this area because of my childish nature and the fact that parents are neglecting their children’s physical activity. So I decided to make applications that could be used on one more device and maybe influence a bit on their behavior.

I have spent the last couple of months going through the solutions offered to the public that motivate physical activities and I am very happy that there is a lot of interest for them.  Game consoles like Sony Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Kinect and even the good old Dance pad are projects that I really appreciate. So I started with the idea of making the phone a game controller for a game that can generally be played while sitting in front of a PC, then tried to make the phone the only device needed for the kids to play and at the end made an app that has user interface where kids/parents/players can make their own games.

I will try to describe each one of them in the future posts and give just a sneak preview in the first one in this.

Here is a youtube video showing the first presentation of one of the apps.